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Neon Chambers

Neon Chambers

Two of contemporary Techno’s leading lights come together for a brand new live show, centred around a fusion of future sonics & precision synthesis for forward leaning dance floors.

Both artists have enjoyed fruitful careers mining the space between wide-angle sound design & wrought-iron dance floor functionality, with much overlap in terms of both aesthetic & thematic concerns.

David Letellier’s Kangding Ray project is best known for its Raster-Noton & Stroboscopic Artefacts affiliations – as well as remix work for Mute & Warp Records; while Sigha – real name James Shaw’s recent output via Token, in the form of 2017’s critically acclaimed LP Metabolism represents some of the British artist’s very best work – a stunning showcase of both emotive fluency & technical proficiency.

The pairing promises much in terms of pushing the envelope within the genre, an exciting machine driven venture from two artists in fine form that finds both producers drawing on more avant-garde leanings, but remains firmly rooted in the dance-floor.’