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Vivian Koch

Vivian Koch

The beautiful German word “Tausendsassa” literally translates to english as “Jack Of All Trades”. This applies accurately when one is to describe Berlin-resident-by-choice Vivian Koch.

After initiating her interdisciplinary arts collective “Olympe Fatale“ encompassing DJs, musicians, visual artists & graphic designers in 2017, Koch has been steadily building steam both domestically and internationally.

Berlin haunt Griessmuehle is where bespoke collective comes together for their regular nights, presenting a diverse programme of genre defying music. Vivian’s ties to the club run deeper than that though, holding a monthly DJ residency which enables her to truly hone her skills in the craft & present her musical range, although through taking on DJing at the tender age of 16 she already has collected heaps of experience in the field.

Having released an acclaimed mini album on Don Williams’ revered A.R.T.less records & a club ready 12“ on Miami-via-Berlin label Omnidisc, 2019 saw Koch become a breakout producer, with her tracks receiving support from a who’s-who on challenging electronic music’s A-List. Aforementioned Labels will
form the homebase for her productions in the future and one can only wait and see how Vivian Koch’s talents will evolve.